About AK

AK Faulkner is the author of the Inheritance series of contemporary fantasy novels, which begins with Jack of Thorns. The next volume, Runes of Fall, is due in May 2023.

AK lives just outside of London, England, with a charismatic Corgi. Together they fight crime and try not to light too many fires on the way.

AK is agender, demisexual, and demiromantic. Any pronouns will suffice, though she/they/he are preferred.


AK is a confident and experienced public speaker, with a particular focus on:

  • LGBTQ+ representation in speculative fiction.
  • Worldbuilding, including building societies and magical systems with internal consistency.
  • The nuances of differing speculative fiction genres.
  • New Adult fiction, and how it differs from Young Adult and Adult alike.
  • Presentations and workshops for writers, particularly on the subjects of story structure, compelling characters, author branding, crafting compelling narratives, writing fight scenes, and the business of self-publishing.

Previous public speaking engagements include:

  • QuaranCon2020: Panelist for Diversity in Creative Worlds, and Gender in SFF. See videos below.
  • FantasyCon 2019: Self-Care for Creatives (Moderator), and YA Genre Fiction (Panelist).
  • EuroPrideCon 2019: Panelist for Mental Health in Fiction and Real Life.
  • EuroPrideCon 2018: Keynote Speaker.