Praise for Inheritance

Publishers Weekly

Effortlessly handling weighty issues of addiction, class, and sexuality, Faulkner keeps her heady mythology grounded in reality and lays a promising foundation for future installments. Readers will be eager for the next in the series.

Publishers Weekly, Starred Review


Faulkner’s lustrous passages turn basic scenery into beautiful imagery.

Kirkus Reviews


Jack of Thorns is a seductive novel that weaves together elements of romance, pagan spirituality, family trauma, and magic. It’s as potent and enchanting as a flower from Laurence’s greenhouse: aromatic and beautiful, with tender thorns.

Foreword Reviews


Readers anticipating the author’s knack for indelible prose won’t be disappointed […] A grand entry in a consistently gripping and remarkable urban fantasy saga.

Kurkus Reviews

Hailey Turner

Not for the faint of heart, Rites of Winter is a book about people who make mistakes, the found family that keeps carrying them forwards, and the sacrifices people make to survive. If you like a dark adventure, you won’t want to miss the latest book in the Inheritance series!

Hailey Turner, Author


Author AK Faulkner thrusts together two deliciously flawed main characters (a former heroin addict and a mysterious member of British nobility), then weaves an empowering plot of destiny, inheritance, and self-improvement—all while letting the reader languor in the glow of a glorious slow burn romance.