A Fantasy Convention For Staying The F*@$ Home

No travel? No problem!

I had plans for 2020. Everyone did. Mine involved a lot of conventions, some of which are already cancelled, and some of which are likely to get cancelled soon enough.

Thankfully, people had the smart idea of holding some online conventions, and QuaranCon2020 was one. I was invited to hop on to a couple of panels, and it was great fun, as well as tremendously educational.

The event took place over four days in April, and panels covered topics such as curiosity as a narrative tool, writing fight sequences, and magical systems in fantasy.

Panelists included Adrian Tchaikovsky, Angela Boord, Anna Smith Spark, Intisar Khanani, JC Kang, ML Wang, RJ Barker, and Rob J. Hayes. And me, obviously.

I participated in two panels: Diversity in Creative Worlds, and Gender in SFF.

As QuaranCon2020 was completely online, the panels remain available after the event. Click here to check out the schedule and watch any panels that grab your interest!